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NIST puts a sharper point on cloud computing

National Institute of Standards & Technology issues 10 key recommendations for successful cloud initiatives.

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Google giving more control to Android, Chrome chief Sundar Pichai

Pichai has been seeing his star rise at Google steadily. CEO Larry Page is also reportedly taking a step back from day-to-day leadership to focus on new project

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Of Google, governments and authentication

End-users will ultimately decide on the success of multi-factor authentication. Will the newest efforts toward that end help them make up their minds?

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Apple's latest iPhone 6 problem -- #dyegate

Apple's latest flagship smartphone has caused consumers quite a few headaches (literally, in some cases).

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Vysk EP1 review: 'The anti-NSA' iPhone case delivers more privacy questions than answers

Need an anti-spying solution designed to lock down your messages and protect your privacy? One smartphone case maker promises as much, but only proves a fractio

Amazon Kindle Voyage Wi-Fi + free 3G and Leather Origami Cover [Review]

It seems like everyone has a tablet or phablet nowadays. These devices are wonderful as they let you do many things, like listening to music, surfing the web a

Beautiful: Lightning, Aurora and Sunrise Timelapse Video [Filmed from the ISS]

Pixelmator for iPad launches, offers Photoshop-style editing on your tablet

The Pixelmator Team, renowned for its Mac image-editing tool of the same name, has released Pixelmator for iPad 1.0, a similarly powerful image manipulation too

Streaming music service Deezer buys Stitcher and branches out into talk radio

The world of streaming music is dominated by just a few names. Deezer is a relatively new entrant to the US market, and it is now stretching its wings by purcha

Habits of The Common Bookworm [Comic]

Dogs in Costumes Go Trick-or-Treating on Halloween [Video]

Oh Noes! I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up! [Hilarious 3D Animation]

Cool Tee: Sith & Sabers

CCleaner 4.19 gains Windows 10 support

It’s that time of the month when Piriform’s team delivers their regular CCleaner update, and sure enough they’ve announced the availability of CCleaner 4.

Google Offers Physical ‘Key’ For Two-Factor Authentication

The Tolkien Fan [Comic]

The Upcoming Star Wars Slave I Bounty Hunter Ship LEGO Set Looks BEAUTIFUL [Video]

Facebook teams up with Yahoo to create safe email standard

A new email standard called RRVS (Require-Recipient-Valid-Since) has been unveiled by Facebook. The new standard comes through the social network working in con

Which Kind of Beer Should Your Drink: A Handy Flowchart [Pic]

Employees' bad habits could put businesses at risk

Individuals are frequently the weakest link in the chain when it comes to protecting business data, often through simple day-to-day lapses that can have a serio

US tops Scandinavia, EU for fastest broadband. No, really

The US enjoys a fleeting moment as a country known for fast broadband, at least in one analyst's assessment.

How big does a tech product have to be before we take it seriously?

Analysts and reporters have been spoiled in recent years by companies and categories that produce staggering sales figures. When some products can sell hundreds

Amazon Deal of the Day: Amazing Digital Deals on Video Games and Books

Going beyond the PC and the tablet: How to be authentically digital

The computing world has changed, as devices and services become ubiquitous. Now it's time to change the apps we build, and the ways we think about work.

LG introduces its first in-house mobile processor, powers G3 Screen phablet

The mobile device market is extremely diverse judging by the number of companies which sell smartphones and tablets today. There are hundreds, if not thousands,