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Get the most out of Netflix with these tools -- while you still can

We've heard your complaint: you can't find anything to watch on Netflix. Despite all the A/B testing, app updates and data Netflix is measuring behind

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk wants to go to Mars

The United States space shuttle program no longer exists, which leaves NASA's astronauts with few options for hitching a ride to the International Space

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Lyft gets the green light to operate in New York City

Nearly two weeks after New York's Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman, made a push to bar Lyft from offering its ridesharing service in New York City,

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Top 10 cyber security tips

High profile hacking incidents continue to make headlines around the world. The Target data breach that compromised 40 million customer accounts is still reverb

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A solar storm in 2012 just barely avoided devastating our planet

If you've spent time on a beach without protection, you probably have a good idea of just how damaging the sun can be. That gigantic star that gives us

Spotify to appear on Vizio Smart TVs

Smart TVs and Blu-ray players have become all the rage these days, with customers using them to replace the need for a set-top box, though in most cases apps c

Amazon's Fire phone gets more premium apps -- MapQuest and WeatherBug

Can you feel the electricity in the air? Today is Amazon Fire phone release day! Yes, the mythical smartphone, which was rumored for years, finally becomes avai

Things That Could go Wrong with Star Wars Episode VII: The Song [Video]

Dorkly Comic: People You See At Every Nerd Convention

The Pirate Bay makes it even easier to torrent on the go

Regardless of what you may be searching for on The Pirate Bay, it wouldn't hurt to be doing so with style and ease of use. In consideration of this, the

Cortana won't sound like Cortana on UK Windows Phones

Now that Microsoft is rolling Windows Phone 8.1 out to handsets, users can now start chatting with its new virtual assistant, Cortana. Right now, she's

ASIMO agile and responsive robot is poised to replace humans

Honda has launched the latest version of its humanoid robot ASIMO. This is its most dextrous and responsive robot so far, setting the scene for what a robot fil

I’ll be in my Bunk: Firely Online Gameplay Video

Google Play gets a section for offline games

In an ideal world, your smartphone and tablet would always be online (and you'd still have an unlimited data plan), but that's just not the case. Problem

Face-off: Sculley's Octopus versus the Zenfone and Mi3 in India's new smartphone wars

If John Sculley, former Apple CEO, had launched his phone even as recently as three months ago he would have ruled the market. Now he is up against some formida

The battle for virtual reality: Google, Samsung, Sony and Oculus VR

Back in June, Google revealed Cardboard: an open-source attempt at mobile virtual reality. Heck, even the "hardware" is open source --here are

Chromebooks going back to school in new ad

Google is making an ever increasing amount of inroads with the education sector. Chromebooks have been finding new homes in many schools over the past year, w

Decibullz earphones: Custom molded, inexpensive, and built for fitness

When you workout and listen to music, there is nothing as frustrating as earphones that fall out. Decibullz solved that with their custom mold earphones.

The Fed suckered IBM into a failing cloud strategy?

Economist David Stockman, who is probably best known for being President Reagan’s budget director back in the era of voodoo economics, has been particularly o

Firefox Android beta puts Instagram feeds straight into your browser

Firefox has already shown off an Android launcher and is now trying some spiffy personalization features for its Android browser. The latest beta flaunts

Firefox 32 Beta and Firefox Aurora reveal minor features, tweaks and improvements

Fresh from its release of Firefox 31.0 FINAL, Mozilla has unveiled Firefox 32.0 Beta 1 and Firefox Aurora 33.0a2 for desktop computers.

Take control of your Windows startup programs with Autorun Organizer

Your PC’s taking an age to boot? It could be launching too many programs when Windows starts. There are plenty of freeware

Repairing the Fire Phone's cameras is more difficult than you think

The intrepid disassemblers over at iFixit have torn Amazon's Fire phone asunder in order to determine how repairable it is, but what did they find? At

Firefox adds anti-malware file reputation service

Firefox has blocked known phishing and malware sites for some time. Now it will check reputation on individual files and soon use file signatures.

Six clicks: Microsoft Word tricks to make you an instant expert

There's much more to Word than just pointing, clicking, typing, and spell-checking. In this gallery, I present six of my favorite hidden features to make y