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Working Hard Drive Comes To Minecraft

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Sneaking weapons past body scanners is easier than you think

For a while now, folks have been discussing how Rapiscan backscatter X-ray machines used at various security checks can be easily duped. Since metal

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Threshold: Windows for the Neanderthal set

What’s with all this excitement over Windows

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Vine finally lets you make clips based on your existing videos

If there has been a recurring gripe with Vine, it's that you've had to capture all your videos in Vine to share them -- you either had to record 6-second

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Exoskeletons could soon lighten the load for US Navy shipbuilders

The unpowered FORTIS exoskeleton is designed to increase an operator's strength and endurance by transferring weight from their arms to the ground.

Samsung partners with Barnes and Noble for Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK -- but why?

Samsung makes great products -- you really can't go wrong with anything it makes; televisions, washing machines, tablets -- all wonderful. Sure, some people don

Student Discovers Heart Screening May Be Flawed For Black Athletes

Student’s Discovers Heart Screening May Be Flawed For Black Athletes

Wearable device stats prove it: you're not getting enough sleep

If you've ever groused that you don't get enough sleep, you now know that you're not alone -- far from it, in fact. The Wall Street Journal has provided

Pivotal brings its cloud services to mobile for data apps; preps for world tour

The extra channel essentially brings the Platform-as-a-Service to a new access point, designed to encourage developers to use Pivotal CF for building data-drive

GoDaddy acquires email marketing startup Mad Mimi

GoDaddy plans to replace its Easy Email Marketing tool with the platform and technology from Mad Mimi.

US military bans staff from reading a site devoted to leaks

Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras launched their own news site, The Intercept, to post high-profile leaks without worrying about the hassles that can

Back to School 2014: The 11 best smartphones

If you're in the market for a new handset to accompany you on campus this fall, your timing's just right. You couldn't ask for a better selection of

US states with faster internet access have smarter people

Despite several doomsday claims that the internet is breeding a generation of morons, new analysis suggests the opposite may be true.

Hands-on: Mugen Power Extended Battery case for the Moto X, an extra 2,800 mAh and a microSD card slot

The Moto X battery satisfies many folks, but I need to charge it up to get through a day. Mugen Power has a solution that also adds a microSD expansion card slo

Van Gogh Exploding Tardis Dress [Pics]

Verizon wants a global, carrier-friendly Android app store

You may think that the Play Store is a fine place to get Android apps, but Verizon apparently isn't very happy with Google's dominance -- it wants

StarHub launches cloud portal for SMBs

Singapore telco inroduces SmartBusiness portal offering a suite of cloud applications that include products from independent software vendors, as it looks to be

ConteXtream: Software-defined networks for carriers

Telecommunications carriers often support networks many times the size of large enterprise networks. The problem is that each application or function is support

MakerBot eyes 3D printed iPhone cases as mainstream fast track

Stratasys' MakerBot unit starts beefing up its developer program with a bet that a partnership with iPhone custom case maker Fraemes boosts mainstream curi

Is legacy IT paralyzing your organization?

There is no doubt that technology is an integral part of helping businesses reach the top of their industry. Ironically, the IT department can be a barrier to i

Hands-on with the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook

The Nook tablets were seriously under appreciated. And while Samsung certainly makes some nice devices, there's something a little sad about seeing the

HONEST TRAILERS: Captain America: The Winter Soldier [VIDEO]

Yale profs propose openness, crypto for disciplined surveillance

Proposal focuses on balancing national security and end-user privacy

iPhone 6: A delicate compromise

Apple already sells iPhones as fast as it can make them almost, so Apple only needs to make a better iPhone, not one that's revolutionarily better. But tha