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SO, THIS EXISTS: Achieve Perfect Goatees with the Goateesaver

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Play: The frantic, fun and infuriating Trials Fusion

Some games are so challenging, frustrating and physically draining that your controller could easily explode against the nearest wall at any second.

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OnePlus One phone and its swappable covers leak out in new pictures

Former Oppo exec Pete Lau announced his plans to make "the perfect smartphone" a few months ago, and now the OnePlus One is almost here. Its launch is

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AllCast's screen-mirroring magic arrives on Amazon's Fire TV App Store

Been putting off sideloading AllCast's SDK to your brand new Amazon Fire TV? Well, friend, your procrastination has paid off. Now, all you have to do to

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EFF and Sunlight Foundation come together to build Contact-Congress

If you've never contacted your congress person then you might not realize how difficult our politicians have made it to get a hold of them. There are 535

The most popular stories on BetaNews this past week: April 13 -- April 19

It's nearly a week since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, but there are still around a quarter of Avast customers who plan on sticking with the old dog a

Amazon Deal of the Day: Blu-ray Movies Under $10, DVDs Under $5, TV Series and Shows Under $15

Keep Your Tootsies Comfy as You Travel with ‘Doctor Who’ Slippers!

The Muppets As ‘Twin Peaks’ Characters [Pics]

Taxidermied Game of Thrones 3-Eyed Crow [Pics]

Disney Characters Get Gender Swapped in Art Series [Pics]

Irish school children are building worlds for the Oculus Rift

If games, wildlife documentaries and virtual strolls in the park aren't enough to validate virtual reality for you, try this one: educational motivation.

Beats Music update lets you subscribe from inside the iOS app

Odds are that you weren't riveted by Beats Music when it first arrived, but the streaming service has just delivered a pair of big updates that may give

Daily Roundup: Xperia Z2 review, Oculus VR lets a terminal patient travel and more!

You might say the day is never really done in consumer technology news. Your workday, however, hopefully draws to a close at some point. This is the

Nike reportedly killing the Fuelband to focus on fitness software

Just days after Nike announced the launch of its Fuel Lab location in San Francisco to enhance partnerships with other digital services for athletes,

Hide your stash, heat-seeking drones are helping thugs hijack UK weed crops

Criminals are dicks. That much we all know is true. But now these dicks are using heat-sensing drones to pull off "sophisticated" heists of weed farms

Labels claim Pandora owes money for streaming old songs, probably won't get it

Pandora can't catch a break, it seems. Just weeks after the streaming radio service escaped paying higher royalties to songwriters, record companies and

COLOR HIM GOOD: The Benedict Cumberbatch Coloring Book [Pics]

‘I’m So Excited, I’m So Scared!’ Jessie Spano T-Shirt

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 is just right [review]

If Goldilocks visited the bears' home and tried tablets instead of porridge and beds, Google Nexus 7 would be too small. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.1 would be to

DARPA envisions a smarter, safer autopilot

Autonomous aircraft serve their purpose, but there's no question that pilotless passenger flights are a long way off, if they ever become a reality.

Tubecore wants you to hack and mod its beautiful, modular speaker

Let's be honest: Wireless speakers are a dime a dozen. The options are seemingly endless, and new ones arrive on an almost daily basis. Companies have

Microsoft corrects Windows XP/Security Essentials bug

A bad update caused users of many Microsoft security products, not just Security Essentials, to experience "interrupted service". The latest update fi

Frozen’s Olaf as the Disney Princesses [Pics]

AT&T adds more data and a hotspot option to prepaid GoPhone plans

AT&T is adding more data to its GoPhone prepaid smartphone plans without raising monthly fees in the process. If you're currently paying $60 a month