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RapidWeaver 6.0 adds five new themes, debuts Addons Manager, Markdown tool

UK developer Realmac Software has unveiled RapidWeaver 6.0, a major new version of its acclaimed web design tool for Macs.

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Step inside Dr. Jane Goodall's shoes via Google Street View

Not everyone can be a 'Dr. Jane Goodall' and spend years in Tanzania studying chimpanzees, but now you can be a little closer to the experience thanks to Google

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Google Play Music All Access gets even better with Songza integration

I love me some music, and I love me some Google Play Music All Access. For real though, I use the search-giant's music service for multiple hours every day. Whe

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Yahoo trumps Google: In mobile disclosure

Yahoo's mobile apps are now material to the company and on a $1.2 billion annual run rate. Google dances around the mobile monetization topic even as Faceb

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Even more Technology News

HP's Sprout: Can it be a game changer?

If reports about HP's next computing play are true, the company will promote 3D scanning and a computing interface that rhymes with work conducted by Micro

Google takes Firebase under its wing in latest cloud acquisition

Firebase, a company helping developers to produce apps and services that store and sync data in realtime, is the latest Google acquisition. With a user base of

Star Goats: The Imperial March as Performed by Badass Yelling Goats [Video]

What's in the latest Windows 10 Technical Preview update (build 9860)?

Three weeks after releasing a Technical Preview of Windows 10 to the general public, Microsoft has made good on its promise to deliver updates quickly. Today�

New Windows zero day being exploited through PowerPoint

A vulnerability exists in Windows OLE for all versions except Server 2003. The company has released a workaround to block known attacks, but newer attacks could

The Most AMAZING and ADORABLE LED Halloween Costume You’ll See This Year [Video]

It Exists! The TARDIS Mini Fridge

Internet of Things: which things really should phone home?

Needed: clear-headed thinking on where IoT can and should make a difference.

Download Windows 10 Technical Preview build 9860 now!

Windows 10 Technical Preview has just been updated. We've been working with build 9841 for a little while, and now it's time for an upgrade.

SAP outlines HANA updates

SAP kicked off its TechEd & d-code conference with new features and tools for its HANA platform.

VMware satisfies earnings expectations for Q3 riddled with spinoff speculation

VMware's CFO credited the uptick to the virtualization company's "newer businesses," which he defined as mobility, networking, storage, and

Battery-Powered ‘Umbrella’ Creates Invisible Force Field

Microsoft delivers first update to its Windows 10 Technical Preview

Microsoft has made available for download several new Windows 10 features to those running the Windows 10 Technical preview release.

Bring-your-own-device gains traction in the U.S. — even if enterprises aren't ready yet

Gartner says about two-fifths of all U.S. consumers who work for large enterprises use their own device for work. More often the case, their employer doesn'

Google Cloud Platform acquiring API maker Firebase

Firebase aims to help developers build collaborative mobile and web apps through an API storing and syncing data in real-time.

Speedrun: “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” in 60 Seconds [Video]

Is the iPad mini losing its appeal?

When Apple announced its new iPads last week it was, unsurprisingly, iPad Air 2 that got the most focus. It’s Apple’s flagship (and most expensive) tablet a

MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED – The Zombie Killer Weapon Challenge [Video]

Toshiba unveils the Satellite Radius 11 Convertible -- form and function at a low price

Toshiba has been making laptops for what seems like forever, and for many consumers, the machines have been synonymous with quality and value. The company pro

iCloud attack is blunt and obvious

A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack in China against logins to Apple's iCloud is easily-detected by web browsers, but appears sophisticated in other ways.

LinkedIn plots more points for Economic Graph, talent product roadmaps

LinkedIn's Economic Graph continues to grow as the social network now retains more than 313 million users and counting.